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Carbon capture and storage research

Second author: Potential of CO2-EOR for Near-Term Decarbonization

    • In this paper in Frontiers in Climate, Vanessa Núñez-López and I describe using enhanced oil recovery (EOR) as a tactic to fight climate change.
    • Won the Bureau of Economic Geology’s 2019 Publication Award
    • Featured in a article which described the paper as “the best technical rundown of EOR and its CO2 mitigating potential” as well as cited in a Politico opinion piece, “the full EOR process (including the burning of the oil) can potentially lower atmospheric carbon dioxide levels.”

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Poster presentations

    • UT Natural Sciences Undergraduate Research Forum (2011 and 2012) presentation topics: chemotaxis in Physalaemus pustulosus and assortative mating in Physalaemus petersi

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